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Coffee and tea in excess of 30 skin care

Tea and coffee for skin care:

There was a time, 30 means women's end in all. But that idea is wrong. As the age increases, the skin becomes slightly dry. So the need for excessive skin needs of thirty skin. In this case, water plays a special role. Water is very useful in many ways, including reducing weight loss and headache. Tea and coffee like water can play an important role in the skin care of women.

Green skin care:
Along with weight control, Green T plays a role in skin care. The ingredient EGCG (epiglottatchin golat) helps in the operation of the dead cells of the skin. It protects the sun from the ultraviolet rays and helps keep the skin bright.

Used as a skin toner, green tea, especially oily skin. Green tea leaves in hot water to be drowned for half an hour. It can be used as a toner when the water is cool. If you put a wet green T-Bag on your eyes, you may also get eye opener as well as your eyesight. Using green tea as a fase mask will remove the toxic substances from the skin. By natural means, the skin will become healthier.

Coffee is quite beneficial to remove black spots under the eyes. Coffee is used in many different types of cosmetics. It reduces the risk of bleeding under the eyes. Coffee is also quite useful to remove the age-old impression. The phytosterol in the coffee holds moisture on the skin and protects from sunburn. Coffee can also be used as a scrub for body and mouth.

Green Hair Care:
If you use green tea in the hair wash, the color of excessive shine will come in the hair. Green tea used must be boiled in boiling water. Then the water will be cooled and lemon is mixed. After shampoo, you have to wash the hair with this water. Green tea is also useful to remove dandruff. Increase hair growth and soften. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Panthenal are green teas, which are generally used to make hair conditioners.

Hair Care:
Hair care carries coffee The anti-oxidant environment in it protects hair from pollution. Repairing damaged hair, prevent hair breaking back, increasing hair growth and making coffee hairy useful. Coffee can also be used as a hair pack. Many people used to mix coffee with other ingredients in the beauty parlors.

It can be used to make some parts of the hair golden color. Two cups of hot water should be immersed in five to 10 minutes for two cummile bags. After adding two teaspoons of lemon juice, after using shampoo and conditioner, it is necessary to wash the hair in this water. It will come out of the natural golden or reddish color of hair.

Ginger Tea:
Reduce the risk of bronchitis and bronchitis. Skin keeps clean, spinach skin fat It is also beneficial for hair. Increases blood flow to the head skin, helps to remove dandruff. One day a week, you can get good benefits by cleaning the hair with ginger tea.

Black Tea:
It is fighting against Muktmaul who is responsible for the age-old imprint on the skin. To remove the swelling of the eyes, two wet black bags will quickly get hold of the eye. Also, if the tea made by black tea cools, then the face feels refreshing

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