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Do you want to keep the age? Then you have to do

What to do if you want to keep the age :

There are many problems on the skin that arise in the face of aging. There are many problems arising in the skin on the skin, but if not old after the skin. How to care for the skin after twenty-four and fourteen quarters of skin.

Extra Oily:

Boiling hot oil increases the amount of oil. To remove excess oiliness, add the boiled oats, white egg whites, lemon juice and whipped apple together and apply the face. After 15 minutes wash with cold water.

Acne problems on skin:

Mix nicely with raw milk. Wash them thoroughly after a couple of hours. Never wear nails when you wear. Acne scars can face permanently in the face. Make frequent facial for free from stress. Acne can be used for facial acne. It can reduce acne.

Ink down the eye:

Extra tension in the eye of the ink under the eyes, because of the night awake. Before releasing this, put the cucumber or potato juice under the eyes before sleeping.

Sunburn :

Apply the face of the straw to the skin with a scar on the face of sunburn. Apply potatoes or gram flour to free the skin from the skin. Keep 15 minutes in the mouth and wash the face with cold water.

Folding on the skin:

Apply sunblock cream or lotion face, throat and hands at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. At least twice a day, bring down the cold cold juice of the juice.

Black Heads:

Usually around the nose, the black head is seen. Apply the juice of juice and yellow powder to the night every night. Wash the face in the mouth and moisturize. Black heads will decrease in a week.


Meat problem:

The main reason for the meats is the heat and heat of the fire. Mix the mixture of egg yolks and egg whites together to form the pack and apply the whole face. Also, lemon juice can be adjusted regularly.

Edge Spot:

With age, many people have brown spots in the mouth. These are called ash spots. If they are in sunlight, they can be done. Apply water to the stomach for 5 minutes twice a day, so take three months. This will not be the spot.

Eye Swelling:

Put two cotton pad liquids in cold milk and keep it on the eye. If the skin becomes soft, change it. Apply 15-minute cotton pad to the eyes, reduce eye swelling.

White Heads:

After removing the white head, cornflower mixed with water and mix it with a few drops of vinegar, and apply it to white head. After half an hour, remove the soft cloth in the  warm water. Then wash your face with cold water.

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