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Does Coffee reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis??

Expose all the waste products in the body and keep the body healthy. Liver or liver work. And one of the deadliest organisms in our body is a serious illness called Liver cirrhosis. The liver is completely disadvantaged by this disease. That is, the liver loses its normal performance, which leads to increased mortality risk. Thousands of people die every year with liver cirrhosis. But we can easily keep ourselves away from this deadly disease. However, a recent study found that, one of our most familiar drinks, coffee can reduce the risk of the problem.

Southampton University of England Dr. Oliver Kennedy and his research team conducted research in about 430,000 participants. In this study, there are a total of 1,990 liver cirrhosis sufferers. Dr. After testing among the Kennedy participants, he found that those who drink two cups of coffee daily lose their risk of lever cirrhosis by about 44 percent.

Total divided into nine parts. Kennedy and his researcher conduct this research, in which eight lenses help to reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. Researchers from the National Institute of Health of the US Medical Research Center also agree with this British research report.

According to the report, the risk of liver cirrhosis reduced by 22 percent after drinking a cup of coffee per day. Two cups of coffee can reduce the risk of up to 43 percent. If you drink about 57 percent of the three cups of coffee and drink four cups of coffee, the risk of liver cirrhosis reduces to 65 percent. But it is According to Kennedy, the benefits of filtered coffee are higher than boiled coffee. However, British researchers are still not sure about the exact ingredient of coffee, it is directly effective to reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis.

According to researchers at Southampton University, it is not possible to reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis while playing coffee. Along with this, proper eating habits and controlled life are also very important.

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