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Exercise fight against diabetes

Diabetes is home now! Before taking the disease, take a quick look before it's formulation. There are two types of diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. It could be at a young age. Usually due to genotype. Type 2 diabetes is due to obesity, excess fat, living and so on. In type 2, insulin resistance is created in the body. In order to produce more insulin in the beginning, try pancreatic. But it can not be done anymore.

Win the world with diabetes

At the beginning, diabetes means life is not the end. Many people of the world's profession have done impossible with diabetes. Women's tennis players Billy Jinn King, Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, Hollywood's Hall Bailey, Tom Hanks, and Sonam Kapoor diabetics of Bollywood did not have any obstacles. You can also

Exercise big arms

If there is more glucose in the blood, then there are many dangers in the body. This glucose has to be spent in any way. Exercise and dietary control for diabetics is the best bet to bite. When diagnosed with diabetes, Doctor Babu said, "Walk one hour for the mice." However, the blood glucose level decreases. But this does not require an hour's walk. And walking is not the only exercise. Let's take a look, what are the antibiotics of Exercise in fighting against diabetes?

Explore walking techniques.

Walks like a walk

The easiest exercise is to walk. Literally no technique is required. It's been down the road. But for an hour, many people were pulled in the knee again. Especially those who have obesity. If you spend an hour on the cost of the cost, which is the cost of calories, then it is possible to walk 25-30 minutes. For example, walk for 1 minute with a clock. After that walk slowly for 1 minute. This process takes 25 to 30 minutes. After acquiring the procedure, please take this ratio for 1 minute, slowly after 2 minutes. It consumes more than one hour of calories in the sugarcane. There is boredom in the walk. Walk on the road or park to spend it.

Walking at home

Many chase to go to the office. Many people have no park or field near the house, the roads are inconvenient. There is no reason to worry. Walk in the house. Standing in front of the mirror do the spots. Take a two-liter bottle of water in both hands and stand in the hand and think about walking. After 1-2 minutes take a minute to rest. Repeat 10-15 times. If you're in the story of your walk

Best bet

Most people do not know, the increased emphasis is actually the best bet. Exercise increased emphasis on drugs more powerful than walking. Why? Muscle is made on one side of your body after you increase your fitness after 5-6 times. On the other hand, increased heart rate also rises. Increasing muscle rate will increase the calorie intake. Once again, the heart rate increased, it also got the cardio quality of walking. This means that one gate one is free. Suddenly, sugar levels may be hypoglycemia. Put a bottle of sugar mixed with water for him.

Technique to learn from the trainer

Learn the technique

Take a trainer at home or go to the gym to learn the technique of increasing stress, such as squats, step-up, push-ups, roaming, and shoe-press. There is no need to buy dumbbell in the beginning. Work with a water bottle of 2 liters. When you get fun, buy Dumbbell. Resistance tubes can also buy.

Walking and strengthening combinations

Stress reduction in the open space. Many love to walk So there is no need to stop walking. Rather, walk for three days a week and make three days of increased exercise. The two will see the power of diabetes in the heart.

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