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Foods that play together can cause toxicity

When the food came in front of the food, the responsibility of maintaining lobbying took place. Want to see a little cheek from all the terms? But according to the doctors, there are some foods that are harmful to the body while playing together. It is possible that digestion problems can occur even after daydreaming, even day after day, it can be poisoned to death. Do not you eat food without knowing? Let's see

Meat and milk:

Although many people know that they do not eat together this meal together, they are not always obeyed. There are lots of proteins in the flesh. Meanwhile, a balanced diet of milk. So eating these two foods consistently increases the amount of protein for an instant period in the body. Excessive presence of a particular type of material in multiple nutrients is not good for the body.

Watermelon and water:

There is plenty of water in the watermelon. So after drinking watermelon water increases the amount of water in the body. This excessive presence of uric acid, digestive problems or oozing water causes more damage to the body.

Tea and curd:

These two types of foods have acid. Eating such foods consistently with a break or a little break means that the level of acid increases in the stomach. It causes digestive problems in the body. If acidity is pre-existing, then it needs to be more careful.

Cold drinks and mint:

These two foods inside the body cause severe chemical reactions. In this, due to the regulation of digestion, cyanide may also be produced due to reaction. So do not eat these two foods together at all.

Milk and antibiotics:

There are some antibiotics that prevent the absorption of minerals like iron and calcium in the body. So consult with the doctor during antibiotics whether there is restriction on the use of milk during the medication.

Milk and Lime:

Milk and lemon mix together milk. The stomach is the same. Many people think that there is a lot more acid in the stomach than the lemon. But remember, the body is accustomed to partaking in the process of raspberries. This method is interrupted if extra acid is added from the outside.

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