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Health benefits of eating raw Chickpea in the morning

Chickpea is must in our daily life.Many health benefits get from it.So get start.

 Raw Chickpea :

We all know about the quality of raw Chickpea. Every 100 grams of honey is about 18 grams of Chickpea carbohydrate is approximately 65 grams, only 5 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of calcium, vitamin A is about 192 micrograms and a lot of vitamins B-1 and B-2.

There are several types of Vitamin, Mineral salt, Magnesium and Phosphorus in Chickpea.
High protein protein rich foods The raw, boiled or curry may also be cooked. The raw grams can be cooked, excreted, and raw with the help of the body, and the body and microbial antibiotics can be simultaneously. It makes humans strong and healthy. And antibiotics fight against any disease. Let's know about some health problems

1. As pulse: 

granules nourishing a pulse. It is an excellent source of molybdenum and manganese. There are plenty of foliage and food fibers in the gram, along with the protein, tripeytopen, copper, phosphorus and iron.

2. To reduce the risk of heart disease: 

Australian researchers have shown that adding cholesterol to the diet reduces total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels. There are both soluble and odorous food fibers that reduce the risk of heart attack. Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin 'C' and Vitamin B-6 help keep the heart healthy. As a result, the risk of heart disease decreases. Its pulses are fiber which helps reduce the amount of blood cholesterol in the blood. One study found that 4069 milligrams of cholesterol per year reduced their risk of heart disease by 49%.

3. Regulation of Blood Pressure: 

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that the trend of hypertension decreases in young people who eat too much Folic Acid foods. Since there is a good amount of folic acid in the spleen, it is easy to control blood pressure by playing granules. Besides, cholera helps in maintaining the heart health of girls later on.

4. Blood Transfusion: 

Another study found that blood circulation increases in the artery of their feet, which consumes 1/2 cup grams, beans and peas every day. Apart from this, the Isophophan in Chickpea enhances the efficiency of the arteries of people with ischemic strokes.

5. To prevent cancer,:

 the Korean researchers have proved in their studies that by taking with more folic acid foods, women can keep the nuclei free from the risk of colon cancer and rectal cancer. Apart from this, folic acid reduces the amount of blood allergy and reduces the incidence of asthma. And eat regular grams and stay well.

6. Ramadan:

 Popular meal during the Iftar during Ramadan is Chola. In our country, peas are used in many ways. The body is strong, strong, strong in the bone, its role is essential to increase immunity. It contains plenty of potassium

7. Cholesterol: 

Cholera reduces unnecessary cholesterol in the body. Most of the fat or oils of gram flour are polyunsaturated, which is not harmful for the body. Apart from protein, carbohydrate and fat, there are more vitamins and mineral salts.

8. Removes constipation:

 There are also food-scales in the spleen. Fractures in the fibers cure constipation. Food fiber is not digested. In this way, the gutter has crossed. So the amount of toilets increases and the closet is soft.

9. Beneficial in diabetes:

 100 grams are in cholaya: about 17 gms of protein or protein, 64 g sugar or carbohydrate and 5 gm fat or oil. Glycemic index of low-fat carbohydrate or carbohydrate is low. So the sugar is good for diabetic patients. Each 100 grams of calcium contains about 200 milligrams of iron, 10 mg of iron, and 190 mg of vitamins A. There are also vitamins B-1, B-2, phosphorus and magnesium. All of these come in the way of the body.

10. Increasing sexual power:

 Its role in the increase in sexual power is very important. Dried gram grilled to work on getting old cough or coughs in the airway. Piglets and boots are very beneficial for the body. There is a large amount of dietary fiber or fiber, which can be used in this pseudo-shell. Thin fiber in the diary fiber diet, which removes constipation. So it is not just Ramadan month, it is 12 months for your partner.

11. Reduces the fat: 

Most of the fat in the fruit is poly unsaturated. This fat is not harmful for the body, but also reduces blood fat.
12. Removal of the unstable feeling: After the amount of sugar in the chelcha is less than the amount of glycemic index,

13. Prevention of disease:

 Raw molasses are consumed with raw egg and the body and urine of antibiotics are met. The protein makes humans stronger and healthier and the antibiotic develops resistance to any disease.

14. By removing the heat, there is a food stuff called sulfur. Sulfur head is heated, handsome feet lose energy.

15. Removes the pain of the spinal cord:

Also there is also enough vitamin B in it. Vitamin 'B' decreases spinal cord, nerve weakness.

The gram is very nutritious. It is a significant source of protein. The meat is almost equal to meat or fish. So if there is a needle in the diet, the fish is not needed after meat. Smoothing on skin The raw molasses are very beneficial. However, the low-fat frozen and frozen gram-free food prepared, it is better to eat. So, the power of the family is to be able to understand digest .

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