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Healthy quality of raw chillies

Chili is a very good source of vitamin C. There are also vitamins B6, vitamin A, iron, copper, potassium, small amounts of protein and carbohydrate. Besides, raw chillies contain water and carotene-B, carotenes. There is absolutely no cholesterol.


The deadly chemical ingredients help to control diabetes. Apart from this, they also stopped bleeding in case of cropping.


Due to the filling of dietary fiber, crawling is very useful for digestion. Besides, chilli helps to fight with cold. Suddenly, the chronic problems of sinusaceous carcassins and cyanasean survival.


Due to the abundance of Vitamin A, great beneficial corset for eyes and skin.


Because of the abundance of anti-oxidant in the crawlalanka, blood-free radicals control the levels.


There are a lot of vitamins C in the crawl. Which helps in the absorption of other vitamins in the body.


The crawling has an anti-bacterial quality. Which helps prevent bacterial infections in the body.


Daily cholesterol is possible to prevent cold, cough and lung cancer. Besides, reproduction of raw chili tissue, making new blood cells, healthy bones and strengthening.

Keeps on for ages:

Those who regularly eat chili peppers have their skin-free balirirakha. It is an element of magical cures to retain the age.


The chilli removes harmful toxins from the body and prevents constipation. Due to the good source of dietary fiber, it helps to properly handle the system.

Weight loss:

Chopped chili extract excess fat. Improve metabolism and help reduce weight. Keeps in mind and stimulates endorphin hormone in the brain. As a result, chili pepper is good for keeping the mind good.

Stomach cancer:

There are essential nutrients, so it cures stomach's cancer and any stomach diseases. Besides, saline is produced by playing chillies to keep salivary activity active, which helps in chewing food well and digestion.

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