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how to increase sperm count and sperm volume naturally

Inrease sperm count and sperm volume naturally.

how to increase sperm count and improve volume naturally.
in this video you will learn exactly, scientifcally proven foods that increase sperm count and volume naturally.
the are million various ways to improve sperm volume and count but none seems to be as effective as the the foods you are about to discover.
here is a list of proven fertility foods for men to make you a beast in no time!.
1. oysters: 
oysters contains zinc which plays a vital role in boosting and increasing testosterone and sperm production , oysters are rich
in zinc which as a result dramatically improve your sperm count and testosterone , that will improve your sexual desire and boost your energy
making you a beast in bed , really its like shooting two birds with one stone.
2. eggs:
eggs are very high source of protein and vitamin e , eggs are known for a whole lot of health benefits , producing of high quality healthy sperm
is one of them . also prevent sperm cells from harmful radicals which may kill sperm.3. dark chocolate: besides being the ladies favourite , it does more good to men then harm if taken carefully , dark chocolate contains an amino
acid called L-arginine known to increase semen volume and sperm count. as i said don't over eat it , or you will gain alot
of fat.
4. garlic
garlic is another item you want on your fridge everyday , with its vast health benefits , most people don't know garlic contains compound
named allicin which is responsible improving blood flow to sex organs increasing sperm production and sperm volume easily.

5. carrots
carrots apart from known for making your eyes white , carrots contains vitamin a one of the most vital nutrient for for increasing sperm
production , vitamine A can be found in appricots and oaths male too.
6. walnuts:
 walnuts contains omega 3 which is healthy fat acids , these acids are responsible to increase sperm count and dramatically improve , blood
flow to the male sexual organ.
7. goji berries :
 goji berries has been used in traditional chinese for over 2000 years , known to improve stamina and mood ,goji berries keeps the temperature
levels in the scrotum at the right level , high temperature in the scrotum destroys sperm , so consuming goji berries will help put the scrotum
temperature at optimum level.also improves sperm production and sperm volume faster , very rare to find but worth it.
8. Ashwagandha
ashwagandha is an indian ginseng, known for its powerful aphrodisiac very good for boosting sperm count and mobility, a study conducted in 2013
in india concluded that ashwagandha improved sperm mobility , sperm volume , and sperm count , you can consume the ashwagandha with milk or as
as a powder , don't worry it is available almost in all countries.
well that's the conclusion of the 8 super fertility foods for men proven to increase sperm count , improve sperm volume and mobility. if this information has been helpful

hope find this info useful

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