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how to make eye catching with Kajal

•Kajal means may be collyrium 

Eyes say that mind ... 'This popular song might have been composed by a black woman in black eyes. Kajal is an integral part of women's decoration. Only a few Kajal touches the Bengali women become more cynical. Kajal is a cosmetic that captures the minds of the Bengali people and today the foreigners have also been in the heart of the mind. However, not being able to use Kajal properly can damage the beauty of beauty, and honor can also be damaged.

Let's know some of the proper tips on using Kajal in the right way, keeping things in mind, using Kajal can become more interesting.

1. Clear the eyes:

First, it should be noticed that the eyes should be clean and dry before planting the kajal. Before starting make-up, wash the eyes with cool water, wash it with dry cloth.

2. Put the powder in your eyes:

Before wearing Kajol, apply the powder on the eyes, on the eyes and on the corners. Once the kajal is applied, remove it with extra powder brush.

3. Drag the eyelids with a finger:

Standing in front of the mirror while holding the kajal, gently pull the finger from the bottom of the eye. Look at this. Now apply the Kajal. Do not bruise loudly. Cut the wax at once. It is better not to have a kaleol on the corner of the eye.

4. Cool the kajal:

Keep Kajal in the refrigerator for a few hours before cooling.

5. Keep face powder with:

 On the oiled skin, oil is collected around the eyes and spreads within a few minutes after planting. So keep face powder with it and put it on occasionally.

6. Use good Kajal:

Try to use quality Kajal all the time. Nowadays, many smaz-free kajal can be found in the market then buy such kind of Kajal. Before buying Kajal, notice its level well. Purchase Kajol "No smudge" or "Long-lasting". If using pencil cajal, make sure to peel it with a sharpener before planting.

7. Waterlines are not Kajal:

Some people use Kajal eye water line (under the eyes). It can cause irritation by causing an itch inside the eye. Do not forget to take Kajal before going to bed at night. It creates black spots under the eyes.

8. Use with any other product:

After cutting the kajal, apply a thin slice of the eyeliner to the outer part of the eye. Use it if it is dry. Kajol will not spread through this. Besides, apply light Kajol to the eyes. Lighten the corners and lighten the corners. Kajal will not spread in this.

 9. Use of dark eyeshadow:

 You may notice that if you spread the cage, it will darken around the eyes like dark circles. So after giving a Kajal, if there is a little dark eyeshadow used under the eyelids, then a smoky in the eye is removed by removing Kajal spray.

The market is now rampant in the business of different companies. Thousands of companies from the world's best brand are not known and the market is in a bizarre market. But we do not know what is being mixed in this work or how safe it is for us. Since Kajal is directly in touch with our eyes, we must first be aware of this.

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