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How to reduce stress simple tricks

Some domestic method that can help you to control mental stress.

First of all, let us understand what is stress. We feel stressed when we have a lot to do but we don't have enough resources. Most of the time, it is because of less energy in our body. We waste most of us energy in worrying, anxiety etc.

Because of this lower energy level, we feel stressed. At this time what we need is a redirection of life energy and avoid energy going here and there.

Pranayama = Prana + Ayama = Giving a direction to life force energy.

When you do pranayama with a certain pose, the energy is directed to important centers in our body and we become more active, more clarity of mind, no worries, no anxiety and no stress.

The house, everything is fine, but the day is becoming weak inside? It does not love anything, it hurts to get involved, everything is becoming the cause of your stress. To be healthy, it is necessary to take care of the body as well as mind. So let's know the mental way of managing stress.

Everyone has some favorite work. Someone loves to draw pictures, some go roaming Some people love gardening Are you moving away from your favorite tasks at all work pressures? Keep a little bit of time every day for yourself. Do the job that you like.

If your body is not healthy, then it will be difficult to fight with Stress. Stop eating the grill, because the presence of trans fat in the diet will make you weaken. Keep fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, eggs, and dairy products in the diet.

Many people think that horse-eaters, such as camomile, can play a very effective role in reducing the stress of the herbs. Zhengzhou also used to reduce chronic stress. You can have a cup of camomile tea before going to bed at night.

Combined use of aromatherapy and Essential Oil is very effective in getting rid of stress. Lavender, Neroli, Chandan, Kamalalebubo gentleman's nerves in the Essential Oil-stimulating the nerves. Have a bath before sleeping? Then the Essential Oil can be mixed in the water. You can add Essential Oil to your pillow or on your own day. Only use the thing that you are buying from the market, make sure to correct it.

There are some colors that help you stay calm mentally. It's great to reduce some of the stress, like blue, green, white, pink, light purple. Dress this color, if possible, keep some plants in the office desk, you will be mentally stable.

Try to stay away from excess tobacco, caffeine or alcohol. Do not wake the night, you need to sleep for eight hours a day. Change the way of life, do some exercise.

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