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How to understand if you are suffering from high cholesterol?

To know if cholesterol is high in the body, blood will be tested. And through this test you can know how much you are at risk of heart disease.

Sometimes your cholesterol level increases when your body does not show any symptoms or symptom. Maybe you have high quantities of cholesterol for many years but you did not understand. But it is important to determine it. Because high cholesterol increases the likelihood of heart disease.

Although it is not always understood, it is known that you have been exposed to high cholesterol with some symptoms. For example,

1. It is not okay to ignore the pain on the eyes or the painless yellow eyes. It does not make any problems in the eyes. But it reveals high cholesterol symptoms.

2. Going closer to the mirror, notice that there is no gray streak around your eye glow. It is usually seen more than 40 years later. It is also known as cholesterol syndrome.

3. Oxygen supply in the blood vessel can be reduced if high cholesterol is reduced. There is a serious risk of cardiovascular disease. If the blood vessels get stuck due to high cholesterol, there may be uncomfortable feeling in the hands or feet due to lack of sufficient oxygen.

4. Due to high cholesterol, there may be a shortage of oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore, there may be severe pain on the neck and shoulders occasionally. According to many doctors, if there is high cholesterol then there may be acute pain in the back of the head.

5. Additional heart rate is not harmful at all. Generally, heart rate increases after exercise or physical exertion. Sometimes it is also caused by anxiety or side-effects of various medicines. But heart rate rise may also be due to cardiovascular disease. Excessive cholesterol increases heart rate.

6. Cholesterol can be increased by eating extra fatty foods and without taking fruits and vegetables. If there is excessive weight gain, alcohol consumption and no exercise, cholesterol increases the chances of growing. If there is a history of cholesterol in someone's family, they also increase the risk of cholesterol.

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