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Increase the beauty by reducing abdominal fat by some strategies

It is a little too bad to see an excessive weight, but it is too bad to see the stomach fat. But this stomach fat is due to our irregularities and bad eating habits. A little fat is reduced through normal diet and exercise. But there is more problem in obesity. I do not want to leave behind. Rather, the stomach fat increases. But it is not possible to sit with the fat in this condition. Find ways to reduce fat. So today you have eight very "inefficient" strategies for reducing belly fat fast and easily.
Reduce 8 Tactics, Increase Fat Exercise, Increase Beauty

1) Stop eating rice:-

Playing the rice, they are all fed as stomach. Eat red flour bread instead of rice. Fat reduces. If you eat enough rice, do not eat more than a cup of rice.

2) Start the day with lemon hot water:-

Eat a glass of lemon in the empty stomach in the morning. Wake up in the morning and take a glass of lemon chips in a glass of warm water and mix it with 1 pinch of salt. Drink the rules every day, this lemon is hot water. Both lemon citric acid and hot water will help in stomach fat.

3) Avoid sugary foods:-

Stop eating those foods that contain sugar. Sugar can be eaten in the stomach food. Use honey instead of sugar.

4) Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily:-

If you want to reduce belly fat, you must practice drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. Water improves digestion and helps to reduce body fat by removing toxin from the body.

5) Regular raw garlic eat:-

Many people are away from raw garlic due to the smell. But if you want to reduce fat in the stomach, eat regular raw garlic. Raw garlic helps to increase blood circulation and decay of the body. Practice 2/3 Kua Garlic Food Everyday.

6) Make the habit of eating vegetables:-

Many have more interest in fish and meat. And the vegetables express dissatisfaction with food. But there is a lot of fat in the fish as well as protein in the body, which is fat in the body. Vegetables have vegetable proteins and moderate fiber. So eat vegetables if you do not want to eat fat in the stomach. Reduce the amount of food you eat.

7) Eat seasonal fruits:-

Put 1 bowl fruit in the morning, afternoon, afternoon and dinner. This will eat your carbohydrate and fat less. As a result, you will be able to reduce fat easily. Many people think that it is better to eat fruit juice than fruits. But fruit juice boosts fat. Because there is no fiber in fruit juice and it is added sweet to taste. So instead of fruit juice  eat fruit.

8) Add some food to the spices:-

Eat the cinnamon, ginger, spices, pepper spices. These spices help reduce body sugar levels. By adding cinnamon, ginger and round pepper to the cooking, you can reduce the taste of cooking and reduce the stomach fat.

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