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Night care of skin

According to researchers at the California University of the United States, skin cells grow more asleep. That is why facial skin in the evening is more useful. A team of researchers said. According to Day, most people do not clean their mouth well. However, the dust of the day-to-day, the sweat of the lymph was blocked in the lymph So if the skin is not clear before bedtime, the face of the lymph gets closed. In this, the beauty of the skin is damaged, the skin protects. So whether the skin is normal, dry or oily, clean-toning-moisturizing is absolutely necessary at night.

Before going to sleep at night, the stylists advised to clean the face with a cleaner. It is important to do the cleaning after the cleaning. After cleaning the face, remove the face with the cotton toner.

There is no alternative to toning to keep the skin smooth, taut and bright. Various types of toners are available in the market nowadays.

You can also use rose water as a toner. You can get rid of the face with rose water in cotton. Also wash the juice of rosemary and rose water and apply it after 15 minutes after washing it with water. It will also work as a toner.

After cleaning the face thoroughly apply moisturizing cream on the face. It will help maintain the skin moisture.

It is also necessary to apply eye cream before applying facial cream. With a few drops of olive oil, take a few minutes to lighten your eyes. On the one side, such as the skin around the eye will be good, so the black stains below the eye will also reduce the problem.

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