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Obesity increases the risk of cancer

Cancer is not a disease, it can be said that the name of the disease of uncontrolled cell division is cancer. Until now, no medicines effective in the treatment of cancer have been discovered. For this reason, the mortality rate in cancer is very high. The cancer is not easily detected in the early stages, it is difficult to get better treatment due to cancer in the last stages. There are more than 200 cancer cases in the world. Scientists are doing a lot of research on cancer. One such research report says that obesity due to fat surrounding the cells can lead to cancer. Due to this, the risk of obesity in human cancer is very high. A group of researchers from Dublin-based Trinity College in Ireland said that one type of cell destroyed cancerous tissue. But when the fat around the cancer-resistant cell fades, they stop working. This causes cancer risk.

According to the UK's cancer research firm, smoking is the most cancerous in the world due to smoking. After that, more cancer is due to obesity. There are 22,800 cancer cases in the UK every year due to excess weight. On average, overweight cancer is responsible for at least one person's cancer among 20 cancer patients.

Experts have found that one type of fat continues to destroy cancer-resistant cells and increases the number of cells that are responsible for cancer. Trinity scientists have shown in the journal Natural Immunology, how fat keeps the cancer cells resistant to the cells. At the same time, they are hoping to discover a drug that will be able to reactivate cells that are inactive due to fat.

Professor Lady Lynch said that we are trying to discover a kind of drug that will activate the cancer-resistant cells from the inertia. We have already achieved some success by trying out this in the laboratory. But everyone should be aware beforehand without going into this complex process. The best way to reduce excess weight.

Cancer researcher of the UK's Bitsson Institute. Leo Karlin said, we have already learned that over 13 types of cancer are directly responsible for the extra weight. But it was not known how it would increase the risk of cancer. Now it is very clear. The researchers hope that scientists will play a very effective role in the treatment of cancer.

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