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Reducing risk of heart disease by raw banana

Art is very familiar to us and is also a result of the easiest. Everyone likes to eat bananas. A person who does not like to eat bananas may not be found. The banana is very nutritious and very nutritious. But the collar has a different feature. And that is the result of its effect as well as the same as vegetables, but not least.

Essentially, ripe banana is eaten as fruit. Known as raw banana vegetables. Today we will discuss different issues of raw banana. Raw veal Vitamin, mineral and many other nutrients, a complete vegetable A good source of high Vitamin B6 is raw banana. Vitamin B6 produces hemoglobin in the blood, which transmits oxygen to the blood. Vitamin B4 in it controls the amount of blood sugar. Also, if you want to reduce your excess weight, then you can keep this healthy vegetable, known as the patient's diet, on the daily diet list. Let's know some more health benefits of raw collar-

* Reduces the risk of heart disease

There are also plenty of potassium in glass-type glasses. Various studies have claimed that taking 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day reduces the risk of heart disease. But potassium is not safe for everyone. For those suffering from high blood pressure or kidney disease, there should be control over eating glass art.

* Reduces weight

If you want to lose weight, put it on the food list. Rhinestone fiber fiber lasts a lot of time. Because it is fiber, it helps to reduce fat.

* Regulates blood sugar

Use of glass artisans to control blood sugar. Because it is fiber, it regulates blood sugar levels. Vitamin B6 helps in preventing type-2 diabetes by controlling glucose.

* Removes bad bacteria in the stomach

It is very easily digested because the glass is a fiber-shaped vegetable. Rhinestone glass eliminates bad bacteria inside the stomach. If there is a problem with extra stomach problems then it is better not to wear glass barn. The problem of constipation is increased many times.

* Raw bananas in diarrhea

There is an enzyme in the raw pulp, which eliminates diarrhea and various stomach injections. So if doctors have diarrhea, doctors would recommend eating glass art.

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