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Some nutritional quality of guava is effective

A guava  contains four apples, four orange lemons equivalent food product. It contains plenty of water, fiber, vitamin A, B, K, potassium, calcium, proteins, and minerals. In one word, a lot of papier nutrition.

Let's know that several nutrients of guava

1) Increase in immunity:

Guava is rich in Vitamin C Which increases immunity and protects against any type of infection in the body.

2) Removes the stomach problems:

Bring food to taste. Reduce constipation, digestion helps increase digestion.

3) Diabetes control:

Guava is very useful for diabetes. Pearar ras is very useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Guava leaves are also effective in preventing diabetes.

 4) Regulates blood pressure:

Guava plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Guava is rich in potassium which helps reduce blood pressure. Reducing the chances of heart disease by keeping blood circulation normal.

5) Removes cold-related problems:

Guava makes resistance to cold, cold, cold cough. Guava prevention of various cold problems such as bronchitis. Because of Iron and Vitamin C, guava can reduce mucous membranes.

6) Prevention of cancer:

Guava has many antioxidant components such as lycopene, vitamin c, quercetin, which can prevent the body's cancer. It prevents prostate cancer and breast cancer.

7) Increases the eyesight:

Vitamin A useful for eyes. Vitamin A in guava is safe in the cornea. Put guava on daily food list. Increasing the amount of vitamins in the papaya increases eye glow. Keeps the eyes healthy.

 8) Remove the stress:

Guava gave great work to overcome stress. Increases muscle and nerve function. Reduces stress, strengthens energy.

9) Caring for skin and hair:

Guava contains plenty of water that helps keep skin and hair good and beautiful. Removes rugs Youth kept a long time.

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