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Take a look at this 5 side effects of hair straightening

Different types of hair, do not like what to say, if you can get new look every day, instead only hairstyle. Someone is curling hair, so someone is straight. But do you know how much damage your hair is doing in the hair straightening? If you do not know, then write down the following ...

1) It is good to take care of her hair straight. But the use of harmful chemicals is easily broken by many of the hair.

2) The normal oil of the hair that gets destroyed gradually, causing the hair to start drying and the dullness comes.

3) Once the hair gets dry, it comes with refrigeration.

4) Formaldehyde gas is released from the chemicals used for hair protection. This may cause damage to the skin.

5) Skin allergy can be a scalp iritation.    .And along with her hair may fall.

So let the hair breathe deeply and protect it from harmful chemicals and frequent stretching.

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