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The bad habit is responsible for diabetes

One study found that 95 percent of diabetes sufferers suffered type-2 diabetes. That is, the type of diabetes that is at a slightly older age.

 If there is a tendency for diabetes, then beware of some habits. These are-

Increasing blood sugar levels decreases the effectiveness of insulin if it is not consumed for a long time. If regular, the disease may start. So eat at the right time.

If at least 10-15 minutes sleep a little bit, the fatigue decreases, the work gets encouraged in the afternoon, it is a danger if you cross the two-finger. Diabetes fever increases

The enemy of healthy life is the night duty. If only after a year, the risk of diabetes increases to 17 percent, 3 to 9 years, then 23 and 10 years, and 42 percent.

The main reason is the decrease of the melatonin hormonal drowsiness, which results in insulin failure to function properly. Melatonin Khan, according to the doctor's advice half an hour before sleeping, to avoid this danger.

Soft drinks contain corn syrup, which increases the amount of fructose in the blood by playing regularly. Dangers that could increase the weight by increasing his weight. Packet fruit juice contains sugar. Regular play can increase blood sugar levels. Insulin effect may decrease.

Brown sugar, honey or molasses are less than calories. So, if you want to eat sweets, you can eat them all at a given time instead of sugar.

The bad reputation of the potatoes is not so bad. 100 grams of potato, where there are 100 calories, 100 grams of rice and 340 calories. The potato on it contains chlorogenic acid, which helps reduce the sugar. But again it's more glycemic index, that is, the sauces increase in sugar. So you have to eat a little, mix it with khosasaha or other vegetables.

If there is more blood pressure then eat less coffee. Because the risk of diabetes increases if blood pressure is higher, coffee consumption on it will increase if there is noise in the metabolism of glucose.

The big contribution of smoking to increase blood pressure. Due to her risk of developing diabetes and increasing her complications.

If you see an hourly TV watching, the risk of diabetes increases by about 3.4 percent. If there is medication in the day, the fear of increased weight and penetration can increase.

Playing well in the morning, the body is satisfied, lowered food.

If you can not walk for hours after eating, Khan lowered at night.

Khan's whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Drink sweet drinks as low as possible.

Watch TV to do the work. In ad breaks, turn a little bit if possible.

Do not sleep for more than 10-15 minutes after eating at noon.

Walk for 30-40 minutes, walk, or swim, at least 5 days a week. It also reduces both stress and insulin resistance.

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