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The changes in the body when the age increases

Body changes in old age 

Men and women have more and less anxiety over their age. Age can not be stopped. But if the speed of aging is reduced, or there is a delay in age, the scientists have many types of research. A recent study by scientists says that nine physiologic symptoms indicate that you are of age. Spanish scientist Manuel Serno is in the team. He says that the symptoms of the growth of the age of each person are different, but all of them are growing. They have seen, the symptoms of aging of any mammal, including humans, are almost the same, that is, the physiological changes that are almost the same.

DNA continues to be eroded
Our DNA is a kind of genetic code flowing through the cells inside the body. As the age progresses, it increases the chance of a mistake. Those mistakes continue to be stored in the body cells. During this time, genetic durability decreases, which is why the effectiveness of stem cells decreases.

Chromosomes are consumed
If we like DNA to be a yarn, then it has a cap or lid that protects our chromosomes. It is a lot of shoes that are wrapped with shoes, such as plastic wrap. As the age increases, these lids continue to be loose, so our chromosomes have no protection. This means that they make mistakes in making their own copy. The child production process becomes a bit complicated.

Cell behavior changes
There is a process called DNA expression inside our body, where thousands of genes within a cell determine the efficiency of that cell, that is, that particular cell will not act as a body skin and act as a brain. But the behavior of that cell began to change due to time and lifestyle.

The ability to renew cells is lost
It does not increase the amount of decaying cells, so our body has the ability to create new cells. But with the increase of the age, those skills of the body decrease. Cells then begin to collect unnecessary or toxic proteins, which cause eye cataracts, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.

Lose the digestive function control of the cell
Over time, body cells decrease the ability of fat or sugar to process or digest. It increases the risk of various diseases, such as diabetes, after age, and it is a common disease around the world.

Mitochondria stopped working
Mitochondria gives strength to the body cells, but their performance decreases with age as well. And if mitochondria can not work properly, it is bad for DNA. However, some research suggests, if the efficiency of the mitochondria can be increased, it can be possible to extend the life of all mammals.

Cells become physical
When a cell is badly damaged, it stops working. But the cells do not die when the work is stopped. These cells then become horror cells. And also help to make cells around you become zombies or phonetic cells. As a result of this, there are symptoms like burning sensation in the body.

Stem cell energy decreases
As the age progresses, it decreases because of its ability to regenerate. But the scientists have noticed that the slowing of the stem cells could be reduced if the prevention of this decrease in stem cells.

Cell closes the contact between themselves
Cells are constantly interacting between the body, but the communication decreases over time. This can cause problems in the body, causing irritation and speech. As a result, the consciousness of the body continues to disappear. Even though the aging process is a normal and inevitable process. Scientists say a healthy lifestyle or life-style approach may keep the age progression slightly away.

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