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The foods that bite the bones of the body

Healthy bone structure is very important for health and at all stages of life. Your childhood, adolescents and young age foods contain many types of minerals in your rate. Once you enter thirty, you climb to the highest peak of bone. If you do not have enough bone mass during this time, or if the bone mass reduces later, then the risk of bone-fragility increases, so that bones can easily be broken.

Body bones are not very hard, but it is not. Rather, human bones can become very soft or fragile for some reason. Osteoporosis is one of the bone diseases. The bones of those who suffer from this disease gradually go away. Some foods are also responsible for bone loss. See what foods are responsible for the bone loss of your body.

Additional saline foods weaken the bones of the human body. Sodium chloride extract calcium from the body. As a result the bones are fragile or decaying. In addition to eating excess salt with food, the salt mixed with fast food, raw food, salad or chips may become fatal for your bones.

Many people have become troubled for soft drinks or soft drinks when they eat a little bit. Keep in mind that this soft drink has continued to bone daily. These soft drink phosphoric acid eliminates the body's calcium through natural activity. And gradually the bones became corrosive.
The foods that bite the bones of the body.

Many people have tea drinking addictions. One or two cups of tea a day is not harmful for the body, but rather beneficial. More than that, the caffeine enters the body in greater quantity. Which is responsible for bone loss.

The bad news for those who have meat in the daily diet list is that the excess protein in the meat prevents calcium from working in the body. The calcium deficiency is created in the bone. Once the bones are weakened

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