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The male has the age limit for taking the child???

Good job at first, then carrier rolling. Then the house is a little decorated and married. Then after a few years of childhood relationship, the child. As a result of planning a child, 35 years have passed since many men.

It was thought that only girls have the age limit for not taking the child, not the male. But a recent study found that different images.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, if there is a possibility of birth deficiency or premature birth after taking children after 35 years of age. This study of 40 million children found that after the age of 30, the value of sperm reduced slightly.

Michael Eisenberg, professor and researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine, said that mother's issues were to be considered for the prevention of child birth health. But team support for a healthy child. Influence of father's age falls into the health of the child. '

He also said that the average age of the sperm of 35 years is due to the risk of birth deficiency. This risk continues to grow with age 40 and 50 years later. Because, there is a structural change in the DNA of sperm along with increasing the age of every year.

A healthy baby needs a healthy egg and healthy sperm. If the older man is a young woman, the child's health is in jeopardy. So researchers have advised that, considering the health of the unborn child, 35 years of age before the child should be born.

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