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The risk of cancer of four types of food increases

Processed carbohydrate foods:

The processed foods contain high levels of sugar and contain small amounts of fiber and vitamins. This type of food increases the risk of cancer multiplied. Studies on 47 thousand adult people found that those who have consumed processed foods high, and those who did not eat such food; There is a great difference between them. Those who have taken this kind of increase in their risk of colon cancer doubled.

Frozen fish:

Most frozen fish increases the risk of cancer. Almost eight hundred studies have found that, taking 50 grams of processed meat every day, increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

Meat or smoked meat in the fire:

Increased amount of meat or smoke-treated meat in the fire increases the risk of cancer.

Meat-fed meat:

Increased dietary foods or repeated fats may increase the risk of cancer. Some foods are cooked at high levels of heat, eating such foods increases the risk of cancer.

Cancer-resistant food:

According to the advice of cancer specialist chickens, it is important to eat more vegetables and less processed foods to avoid cancer. It is healthier to cook fish as a medium-spiced curry and not preserving meat for a long time.

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