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The way to overcome migraine pain without medication

Although there are some ways to avoid medicines, you can avoid this pain. If there is no medication in the front of the migraine attack, then all these ways can be easily restored.

As soon as the pain starts, refrigerate for a ten to ten minutes in a towel. Then put that cold towel on the head and on the eye. Slowly migraine pain.

Mix the mixture with sandalwood. Sandalwood is very cold. Plate this mixture on the forehead. Then take the rest of the house light and relax. Easy reduction pain

If you have a little pain try to sleep in the dark room. The effect of light increases the pain.

If there is a migraine, do not do too much work throughout the year, do not do TV work or pressure on your eyes.

If you have a habit of working long hours in front of a computer then get up in the middle. Give water in the eyes. Use glasses that do not have an eye on the eye.

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