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These foods can be eaten safely

1) Soup:

Vegetable or chicken is very useful for your health. Soup supplies the protein needed in your body and catches your appetite. But no extra calories are added to the body, it plays.

2) Oatmil:

Start eating after eating other grains in the breakfast. These grains contain lots of fiber and betaglu which will keep your heart very well and will also feed you.

3) Apple:

Eat an apple half an hour before the original meal, Apple has plenty of water and fiber that cater to your body's water requirements.

4) Eggs:

You can keep a breakfast every day. Eggs high calorie and protein will give the most energy to your body. Apart from breakfast, there is no possibility of hunger from lunch, and excess fat is in the body.

5) Dark chocolate:

If you want to eat sweet sometimes, instead of another, Khan Dark Chocolate. This sweet diet will protect you from blood pressure and protect your brain, heart, from some types of morbidity.

6) Avocados:

 In half an avocado with lunch, your stomach will be filled from noon to evening 8 pm.

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