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What are the best ways of falling asleep quickly?

Falling asleep quickly steps :

In A Beautiful Mind, a young math professor played by Russel Crowe walks into a noisy room and writes an equation on the board.
After a young woman, played by Jennifer Connoly, solves the noise problem he says, "in multivariable calculus, there is often a number of solutions for any given problem." He continues and says "for some of you solving this problem will take many months, for others, it will take the entire course of your natural lives."This statement holds true for quality sleep. Sleeping well comes natural for some, for others they can spend their whole lives trying to achieve it and never succeed. What is the secret? Read on, I will give you some valuable tips to help guide you towards quality sleep.

Best tips to fall asleep easily:
  1. Take warm, long bath. Relax before bedtime. You can use aroma lamp with essential oils.
  2. Open windows. Make your bedroom cooler and provide that way enough oxygen. Temperature has to be comfortable for you.
  3. Bedroom should be used only for sex and sleep. No work there. No study. No stress. It also should be cool, clean and quiet.
  4. Go for a walk or do light physical exercise. Stretch out gently. Sport reduces cortisol - hormone of stress; your blood pressure and heart beat shall come back to norm.
  5. Do everything you have to do, write your agendas for next day on paper, that way you won’t think about it before sleep.
  6. Listen to relaxing music. Or white noise.
  7. Get a snack like: bananas, dairy, avocados, lean proteins like poultry or fish, and nuts. They make you drowsy.
  8. Count yourself to sleep. Starting at one, slowly work your way up. If you lose track, simply go back to one and start over.
  9. Try sleep supplements: chamomile tea or valerian.
  10. During rain it is easier to fall asleep. Sound of water is calming. You can listen to rain in bed.
  11. Find a reason what is wrong: write your fears, write what you worry about, write your agendas for the next day. Try to think about it. Find a solution by getting a little bit of psychical distance from problems.
  12. Eat food that contains nutrients (vitamin B and omega-3s). Eat healthy, go green (health body means health brain and thoughts).
  13. Learn meditation. Studies showed that meditation can reduce anxiety and stress.
  14. Tidy up your room, apartment. Clean and planned surrounding means clean and planned brain.
  15. Lavender oil - add it to bath, on your pillow, on your clothes. It has many healing properties and can be used to reduce anxiety.

What you should avoid:

  1. Using computer or television for minimum 1,5 hour before sleep. Blue light decrease the secretion of melatonin. Same thing with smartphones. Don’t take mobile phone to bed. Also lighting in bedroom should be dim (e-readers and smartphones also counts to that)
  2. Worry thinking - 2 hours before sleep, you shouldn’t think about work, college, school, problems at all. This is your free time to prepare for sleep.
  3. Using caffeine - caffeine makes your heart race and you can feel more nervous or anxiety.
  4. Eating too much before bedtime. Don’t eat high-fat food, or junk food.
  5. Drink during night and before, because then you will get up often and your sleep quality will get worse.
  6. Eating chocolate (contains caffeine)
  7. Eating spicy or fatty food
  8. Drinking alcohol
  9. Smoking
  10. Working out too intensely
  11. Playing video game before bedtime
  12. Turning up the heat (best temperature between 60 and 70 degrees)
  13. Letting your pet into bed
  14. Taking shower (better warm bath; showers often wake people up)

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