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What to do to maintain the age of skin!!!

Everyone wants to hide the age. So how much people are doing to keep the age of skin. Many people are also thinking about surgery for a long time to preserve the beauty of the skin. But our daily nutritional practices can also be good for long time to bring goodness to the skin. There are a few small tips-

• Sit back and sleep:

If you want to keep the skin fresh or young, sit back and sleep. On the side of the side of the cheek or on the side of the side of the side of the side of the face, it is fast folded or wrinkled. Skin experts advise sleeping to avoid sleeping. Due to this, the skin will remain young for a long time.

• Not much time in the gym:

The gymnasium will work well for hours in the gym in the gym, but it will make your appearance look promising. It has been found that those who exercise a lot of physical activity, they feel older than others. The reason is that due to excessive exercise, fat decreases below the skin, which comes face-to-face.

• Avoid sunshine while in a car:

Most people burn the skin in the sun, when they are in the car. Especially when sitting beside the window or driving the car itself, sunlight penetrating the car's glass can damage the skin. For this, in the summer, flowers should wear out after clothes. While sitting in a car, insert a scarf in such a way that no part of the cheek and skin is damaged by sun's ultraviolet rays.

• Cosmetic changes are not frequent:

Many people used to buy skin products Lotions, creams, serum, these are not good for swiftly changing skin. Use of anti-aging cream should be given at least four weeks, so that you have the chance to cope with the skin.

• Good brand cosmetics:

There is no alternative to using good quality and cosmetics and materials for skin. If there is any problem with the skin, you must consult the specialist and use the product accordingly.

• Above all, be calm and sunny:

Additional anger, anxiety, distraction, panic have a profound effect on the skin. This can cause the skin of the skin on the skin. Stress is one of the reasons behind the skin and skin bumps below the eyes. Always try to stay in the mood. Because emotional tranquility is one of the key principles of good skin and health.

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