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why eat a raw onion daily

Removes bad odor of the face:

Playing raw onions, the bacteria present in mouth cavities begin to die. As a result, the smell of the mouth is removed. As well as reduce the risk of various diseases in the crop.

2. Reduces bad cholesterol levels:

By increasing the levels of good cholesterol or HDL in the body, such as keeping the body proliferate, on the other hand, reducing the amount of bad cholesterol increases heart performance. In this way, onion is special to help us increase our life span.

3. Reducing the incidence of fever:

Cut an onion before going to bed. Take a little bit of potato and 2 garlic cloves and put them in the socks, then put them in the socks. If you do that for a few days, you will start to be healthy.

4. Keeps diabetes like disease away:

Just heard it! There is no alternative to onion to suppress the most dangerous disease of the 21st century. Actually, some substances present in this vegetable do not allow blood sugar to grow. In addition, insulin deficiency is not seen, so keep watch. As a result, there is no chance of increasing the incidence of diabetes.

5. Reduce the incidence of inhuman diseases like:

 Are you in the night? If the clock's thighs move in the morning, can not one eye the eye? Then you want to have onion on daily diet. Because of the disadvantage of these diseases like insomnia, this vegetable comes in great way.

6. If the burn comes to work:

the incidents of burning of hand while cooking to cook have become acne with the housewives. In this case, onion takes great advantage. How? If burnt from this time, put a piece of onion for a while in the wound. In a short time, wounds have been cured as soon as the irritation becomes reduced.

7. Eliminate the skull:

 Cut the onion through the spots and keep them on a cloth and bind it with a cloth. So that it does not go later. Before going to sleep every night, this will be seen in a few days after the skin disappears.

8. Improves memory power:

According to a recent study, the use of regular onion onions begins to increase the brain power. As a result of improving memory, as well as increasing the performance of the nervous system, the risk of multiple brain disorders decreases.

9. Keeps the disease like cancer:

The chances of bone, colon and gynecological infections all come to zero if onions are eaten every day. Because many elements present in this vegetable do not allow cancer cells to be born within the body. As a result, such a mortal can not even close to the disease.

10. Reduce the incidence of septicemia: Cut an onion and collect its juice. Then mixed with a few drops of honey, this mixture will start to reduce the cough, if it dries twice a day.

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