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Working for a long time leads to health risks

We have to work long hours in the office or business field for the needs of living. Due to long sitting, there are many diseases and diseases that may start to bind the body slowly, which can also lead to serious forms. Studies have shown that more among those who work on high-pressure, diabetes, fat deposits on the waist, extra cholesterol in the blood, heart problems, weight gain etc.

Those who work long hours sitting in the desk, they suffer from waist and neck pain. But it is not possible to give up daily work in the light of life. So there should be some habits every day at work. For example, after an hour, walking from the chair to walk a few minutes, instead of going up the stairs instead of the lift, to practice, to sit on the chair.

There are also some small exercises that can be placed on the chair, better if you can do these exercises on the job. It is important to remember that the amount of calories that our body consumes every day is to be used. So try to walk for at least 30 minutes daily. Along with this, instead of frozen or fast food, seasonal fruits or nuts should be eaten. Green tea helps reduce cholesterol in our body, so instead of tea or coffee, green can be eaten. But those who work for a long time should at least check blood cholesterol levels at least once a year. Besides, one should consult a doctor once in six months.

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