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10 tips for better sleeping

 Recently feeling tired, sleep disturbed, work, family problems and trouble; Making it hard to sleep all together. Again, economic hardships, stop work, cracks of friendship or any serious disorder makes Soft Peel to sleep absolutely impossible.
Perhaps you will not be able to bring these factors at your fingertips. But create a sleeping environment and develop some habits that will help you to bring a restless sleep.
Below are some ways to provide good sleep

1.Go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. Maintain the same routine sleep during the holidays.
Reduce the liquid food from the evening. Remove dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping. Liquid food will break your sleep throughout the night and sleep disturbances will occur.

2.Avoid nicotine, coffee and evening evenings: These stimulants keep you alive. Often the sleeper interfere for side effects for smokers not eating cigarettes.

3. If you play coffee, you will have to eat 8 hours before sleeping. Because, the coffee can not store the body. Coffee is emitted from the body for a long time after eating and it has an effect.
Although it seems conventionally, alcohol also causes sleep disruption.

4.Exercise a little bit each day: Daily Aerial Aerobic Exercises can give you an indefinable sleep gift.

5.Usually sleeping at night: sleep at noon, but you can snap the quiet rest of your night. It has to take lunch at noon but it is not more than half an hour.

6.You choose a comfortable matte and a soft pillow.If someone sleeps with you, see if there is enough space for two people.

7. Sleep on the same bed for the baby or pet is sometimes the main reason for your sleep disturbance.

8. Start a loose sleep routine time. Let your mind hear the same thing every night- now I will sleep by closing all, it can be prefabricated, listening to a beautiful shower or a book or a light music. The light should be closed or soft.

9. When you are tired and sleeping, you turn off the light and go to sleep. If you do not sleep within 15-20 minutes, then go back to work again and go to sleep if you are tired. There is no unpleasant worry about sleeping. Sleep anxiety will not let you sleep.

10. Keep sleeping medicines only as the last resort. Only doctor can advise sleeping medicine. Slowly reduce it too. If you feel sleepy all day, then go to the doctor.

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