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Arthritis problem? Find out how to get rid of

The pain that one understands is only the one who is suffering from arthritis Interestingly, earlier this disease was only an adult's property Now eight-year-olds are taking a bed and pain Pain to rise | Even if you sit The problem of arthritis can be due to many reasons. Arthritis can occur due to irregular lifestyles, hereditary, other diseases, and many other reasons. This pain is even stronger than the eighteen jackfruits that many people are consumed without consuming many medicines. There are some domestic ways that you can get some relief from arthritis. Find out the ways-

Painful, painful exercise is a great beneficial exercise. If you have serious pain, contact an experienced physiotherapist. He is able to relieve your pain through different exercises.

According to the doctors, the arteries are usually found in the junction of our two bones. So it is very important to take care of the bones since childhood. For this, eat vitamin C or calcium rich foods Especially milk contains plenty of calcium So a glass of milk will reduce the bone loss due to it Get rid of pain. |

To reduce the risk of arthritis, it is very important to eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits. Instead of eating refined sugar, grains, refined oil and trans fat will be stopped. And extra salt will be left to eat.

If you have pain in the arteries, you should keep calm in mind without being unstable. If the excitement leads to trouble. So practice keeping yoga in mind and brain.

We all know, yellow is very beneficial for health. To get rid of pain, you can drink yellow mixed milk in hot milk every morning.

Do not do that, do not:

Movement of yolk or joint Do not lie down or sit forever Find out from the physiotherapist you need comfort to sit or sit down.

Do not rest more or work harder

Take a light exercise with a physiotherapist's suggestion Running, jumping, playing tennis is not for you. Do not eat puffy pearls to reduce pain. Have a little medicine by showing the doctor Do not treat the arthritic pain without decreasing.

Depression is always associated with bat pain So first remove the pain of the mind. | Then the pain of the body will be very low.

Sometimes the pain decreases slightly if you get cold cold You can accept this method However, it should be twice a day for the quenching.

With the advice of the doctor, you can make a massage with a variety of pain reductions.

Stay away from all the addicts Do not wake up at night Eat little. | It is better not to eat outside food It will reduce gas-intestine Even the pain of his body

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