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Avoid kidney disease in all these ways easily

How to avoid kidney disease 

If you forget the compulsory condition of modern life, you can also experience kidney problems like many other problems. Therefore, take a look at daily affairs from eating and drinking.

We often do not give importance to the problem of kidney, and this leads to problems. Many people know about drinking water or healthy diet as per the body's requirement. But I do not know anything, which could lead to nervous tiredness in the body, and many kidney problems.

Kidney specialist Pinaki Mukhopadhyay gives some important tips on how to keep kidney healthy.

Eating rules:

Do not stop eating carbohydrate foods due to weight loss. 60-65 percent of total caloric intake comes from carbohydrate. Every day, a small bowl of rice, 3-4 loaves of bread or churning, and two or three leafy vegetables.
Now Khan is less than 2 grams less than Khan. One day tea is not more than the spoon. Make food less salty. Eat less processed foods. The risk of kidney disease will reduce by 20 percent.

When it comes to age 40, it is not good to eat more than 10 percent of the weight of protein. That means if you weigh 60 kg in weight then the protein will be 60 grams. See what it will eat for him.

There are 20 grams of protein in 100 g of fish and meat. In the egg weighing 50 grams 6-6.5 grams. 100 grams of yogurt or 4 grams of milk. That means eat eggs or milk / curd / chana / cheeses in the morning. Do not eat the pulse, eat a piece of meat or meat of 50 grams of the village and the dal-cheese or yogurt. The same rule at night. In the morning you can eat little gram or mug. In the afternoon the gramy nuts can continue. Ham, sausage, bacon, ramma, soybean, tofu are all proteins. So if one is to eat then you will have to balance one more and maintain balance.

Junk food is not good to eat. It is not more than one-half-a-week more than a week to eat. Because it contains more protein, fat, preservative and salt, which is harmful to the kidneys.

Do not let weight gain.The more weight the kidneys cause. The risk of getting kidneys weighing 120 kg in comparison to a person weighing 60 kg is twice the risk.

Kidney is good and the amount of water it plays. Depending on what kind of work, body conditions, eat two or three liters of water, 4 liters of water. Playing less, increases the risk of kidney stones, plays excessive fatigue and kidneys on kidneys.

Exercises and other rules:

If there is no modeling or acting in the world, it is enough for 30-45 minutes to walk, swimming or bicycling. With 15-20 minutes weight training. Better if you can play. The body and mind are both good. Get 20 minutes together.

But if you exercise with excess weight without checking the condition of the body, blood pressure can increase the muscles and cause kidney damage. So do not drill more without expert advice.

Be careful about medicines when you are old. There are some medicines that can cause kidney damage. For example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group pain medicines, angiographie-IVP or pigments used in the CT scan, some antibiotics, cholera or TB medicines, steroids etc. Secure than paracetamol. But regular play loss can happen. Amphitamin, heroin, cocaine, carbohydrates, fractures, and even a lot of alcohol can cause danger for long periods of time. Again, in the local alcoholic beverage, where methyl alcohol is mixed, it can cause kidney failure. Dangers are also excessive smoking.

Waking up at night, working pressure, lack of rest - only increases tension, heart rate, blood pressure. The pressure came in kidneys. There is a close link between tension, drugs, pain medication, junk food and sleeping. As a result of all the kidneys can be bad-when

Hazard hour:

There is no problem, urea-creatinine is normal. Have fun Suddenly, he came in front of a little bit, without a dialysis. That means everything is okay, that means you are not healthy. So do not do irregularities. Keep Diabetes-Hypertension If there is pain in the face, soreness or anemia, show the doctor if there is pain in your hands and feet. If urine decreases or red urine, consult a kidney specialist quickly.

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