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Backrests exercises in the use of balls

Exercise is necessary for a strong-body body. For this reason different exercises for different organs are different. We have used hands and chest exercises before using exercise force. Know today's back exercises.

1. Ball Hyper Extension:

The ball must be kept under the belly by kneeling in front of the Exercise force. Be careful, the ball is mixed with the stomach and the hand should be placed on both sides of the two balls. Now the ball should be pressed into two hands, as well as pulling the knee from the ground and bringing the whole body in parallel. After a break, you have to come back to the previous state.

2. Ball Hyper Extension (Reverse):

This exercise should not be used only with exercise balls, as well as a bench required. Put the ball on the bench and put the body in such a way that the ball is below the stomach. Hold the bench in two hands and raise the legs and parallel to the body. Then gradually get down to the feet. To practice this way.

3. Ball Leg Extension:

Exercise should lie on top of the ball and lie down as if the ball is under the stomach. Keep in mind, feet and hands can not touch the soil. The left foot should be raised in the right leg on the left side. At the same time, the left hand should be raised to the right hand side of the ground. Change hands and feet to practice repeatedly. There may be some time intervals before each change.

4. Ball bridge:

Keeping the X-shaped ball behind, he has to sit on his shoulder and keep his feet on the back. At this time, the hands should be placed in front of the chest (in the form of a quality mark). Without moving the feet, move the back of the ball with the ball and throw the whole body in such a way that the knee moves from parallel to the head. Keep in mind that 90 degrees angle is generated in the knee.

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