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Benefits of milk for skin care

Skin care by milk

The material that has been associated with beauty care from ancient times is milk. In ancient times, raw milk was used to take care of yellow skin in a special ceremony in our country, such as looking at the bride. Because the various components of raw milk help increase the skin's brightness. But now there are various types of chemicals products available in the market, which are very easy to use in working life, but also harmful. So how do you use raw milk in your daily form of use, today we are going to tell you.

1. Cleanser:

Raw milk works excellent as a natural cleanser. Due to the use of raw milk for cleaning the face every day, dust and dirty skin is removed. Due to the use of raw milk the skin is soft so there is no fear of black head or white head. With the first use you can understand how soft and clear your skin is.

2. moisturizer:

Your face becomes very dry and skin? Then raw milk will help to remove the dead cells of your skin and to soften the skin. Apply cooled raw milk to your skin and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water. You will not need any different moisturizer and the skin will be tender for the day.

3. The color of the skin of the copper is light:

Raw milk in your dark and dark colors will help to remove the skin. The presence of high levels of lactic acid does not only help to reduce the color of the skin, but also removes dead skin on the surface of the skin. Fresh raw milk with a bowl and sink a soft cloth. Then take the cloth and chip it on your skin. Use it for 3 days a week.

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4. Reduces acne in the skin:

To reduce skin acne, milk and milk are very effective. In this case, mix two spoons of milk with one spoon of honey and a little bit of light warm water mixed with a paste and put some paste on the face and neck. Then wash the face with hot water. In spite of having regular milking, however, you will get the same benefits.

5. Reduces the inflammation of the skin:

Inflammation occurs in the skin due to environmental pollution and other reasons. As a result, the risk of various skin diseases increases. So raw milk in the skin should be used in the ministry. In this case, if the small amount of milk is mixed with raw milk, then the inflammation will decrease.

6. Remove the cover of the dead cells :

The beauty of the skin is damaged due to dead cells or dead cells on the skin. So use the milk in the skin care. In this case, take a small amount of water in it and apply it by salt and mix it with milk or milk and it will be useful to massage the mixture properly.

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