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Best simple way to stay fit

The best way to stay fit is through following a healthy life style:

To stay fit, you don’t need any gym or equipments. You only need to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow healthy diet along with exercises. Some of my recommendations are :-
Incorporate following habits in your daily routine, which are in general very good habits for anyone and everyone. You need to follow this religiously for the next 10 days and it will become a habit.
  • Stretch just after you wake up. This will help loosen up your muscles and every physical activity you do will start benefiting you.
  • Drink warm water thrice a day (warm, same as your tea, add lemon, ginger and honey for extra benefit), drink plenty of water otherwise as well
  • Climbing 4 floor stairs everyday (if the building is less than 4, try doing it twice, if the building is more try climbing till 4 and then get a lift)
  • Breakfast like a king, lunch like a junkie and dinner like a beggar. This simply means that take a heavy breakfast and a very little dinner, or just salad if you could. Eat less spicy food. Avoid any junk or fried foods, canned drinks, alcohol and sweets.
  • Take dinner 2 hours before you sleep. Or try eating just salad.
  • Take a spoonful of lemon extract just after your meal, helps digesting the fats early
  • You can’t sit for 15 mins after you had your meal. a walk would be much better.
  • Drink one glass of water one hour before you meal.
  • Eat fruit salad everyday.
  • If you can, get aloevera juice. It will clean your blood and cut your excess fat.
There are many other ways to stay fit that involves some physical activities like exercises. Take a look at the top 5 other ways that can keep you fit:
1. Go biking
If there's one sport which pretty much works out every muscle in your body, that is none other than cycling. This is a great cardiovascular exercise which strengthens your heart and your lungs. When you go biking, you will also get to enjoy the benefit of exercising outdoors.
2. Go jogging, running or brisk walking
Another cardiovascular exercise that will boost the strength of your heart and your lunges is jogging, running or brisk walking. These exercises are also best done outdoors. Aside from providing benefits to your heart, these activities are also a great way to tone your muscles.
3. Go swimming
Just like biking and jogging, swimming is a way to boost the strength of your lungs and heart. It's also a refreshing way to lose weight, tone your muscles and give you a great workout overall.
4. Play rounds of tennis.
Why do you think tennis players look great? This type of sport works out almost every muscle in the body - all that running and hitting can be therapeutic in relieving stress, while toning your muscles at the same time.
5. Exercising at home
Finally, do abdominal crunches, triceps presses, watch a workout DVD and follow the steps. No matter which of these at-home-exercises you will follow, they will allow you to be fitter, feel better and enjoy the health benefits of having a great physical workout.

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