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Best way how to increase power for men

As the age progresses, the male's sexual energy decreases naturally. After the thirty years of sex life, it is not possible after fifty years. Again, due to work pressure, stress, adequate sleep deficiency and high blood pressure, you can lose sexual power quickly. In addition to the current lifestyle, if the habit of masturbation for a long time, the gender of the men can be relaxed. Men suffering from menstruation due to menstruation, but there is no less. If the sufferers are not frustrated, you can see the domestic tips mentioned below. You will not get the benefit.

Nothing will be there for onion and pure honey. There is nothing new about the benefits of honey. And onion you will get many important minerals like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Antioxidant. Many people use onion in skin and hair problems. But onion reduces the risk of cancer, it is unknown to us. Even insomnia medicines are onion juice. Again on the sweet touch this onion is a great medicine for men's sexual energy.

This mix of what you eat

Preparation 1:

Take 250 grams of onion and 250 g of honey. Take out the onion juice and mix it well with the honey and keep stirring the light. Sprinkle the full juice of onion until it gets out. Now cool the mixture and put it in glass top. Take two teaspoons of hot milk and drink it at night. Have at least 40 days to eat.

If you do not have time, you can make the mixture in this way-

Preparation 2:

 Wash a large red onion peel and wash it. Then peel it well in the blender, onion juice teaspoon. You can also remove the juice through a clean piece of cloth. Take a little bit of juice and see that it is like honey honey. If there is four spoons of juice, then it will give honey to four spoons. Mix honey and onion juice in a small container well, keep it in refrigerator. Before going to bed in the morning and sleeping at night, mix this mixture two-spoon, eat four spoons a day.

You can understand the difference within a month. The loose, flushed loose ends will become rectangular and thicker as before. There will be no more relaxation problems during sex. However, to get good results, it is necessary to slow down masturbation.

Keep in mind: as long as you eat this mixture, avoid spicy food. Talks can not be eaten. Sexual activity should also be closed.

Although men have no sexual issues, this mixture can be eaten. Young and Fit will be there.

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