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Best way to solve hair fall

 The main problems of hair fall women. This problem arises in the rainy season. At this time the air is excessive moist and the skin and hair loss are high. So this time, the hair should be given regular oil. There is no substitute for hair nutrients. Many people do not want to heat oils for oils. And this makes the biggest mistake. Oil makes nails from the beginning of the hair to make the hair silky, shayne. We usually use coconut oil, almond oil in the market. Very useful Indian gooseberry oil to prevent hair fall

It is normal to have one hundred hair fall every day. But if the hair is more than the hair it is the cause of worry. As soon as the hair starts to fall, you can use this oil to prevent it. Those who are unable to take care of hair due to lack of time, they can also use this oil. It is possible to make this oil easily with only two components.

Whatever it takes:

Coconut oil

Dry Indian gooseberry

How to create:
1. Give a cup of coconut oil for 4-5 minutes.

2. Give it to the dry Indian gooseberry Keep this oil burning with Indian gooseberry.

3. Take it down from the oven, then become brown color.

4. Then separate the oil from the Indian gooseberry .

5. Apply oil on the head for several minutes.

6. Keep the whole night, shampoo next day.

This oil does not only help to grow new hair. The blood circulation increases in the palm of the head. Indian গুসেবেরি helps in strengthening the hair. Use it two days a week.

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