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Beware of high heel shoes

Bad effects of high heel shoes :

Appearance and clothing to adapt to shoes like a mind! Whether going to office or traveling - a person has a special impression in the person's shoes. But look at the high heel shoe while sitting to pick the favorite shoes? It's time to be alert.

Keeping in mind the needs of women and men, women and men are wearing a little bit of shoe under the shoe every day. In the case of girls, the height of the hill and the structure is increasing day by day. In the shoe store, the boys of Su-ray have also seen a little high heel.

And here are the bones and neuroscientists counting signs. "Nowadays, most of the young people know why knee disease? These heel shoes are responsible for this. Shot companies are now trying to tie a little high platform to the boys under the formal boot bottom. As a result, Arthritis is being called in a very early age, "said Amitabh Narayan Mukhopadhyay, an Orthopedic specialist.

Neuropathic expert Tridib Chowdhury also expressed his opinion. The sound of fear of getting reflected in his words- 'If you do not stop wearing heel, there are many diseases of the feet, even then there is also the possibility of paralysis.


Knott Problems: The heels are slightly flat under the shoe of the boys, so boys are less likely to suffer from this problem. But because the girls' heels are tall and narrow, their shoes can not cope with any sudden situation. Because of long heels, the legs are tall and tall. As there is problem in blood circulation, as long as it is due to the legs, it is necessary to undergo all the pressure on the feet. He also has to balance his body. As a result, knees can easily get worse. Calling Osteoarthritis.

Pain in the lower part of the spine: In this shoe, the body weight is to be borne by the knee, so that the spinal cord is also balanced with this extra pressure. In this problem, men wearing high platform heels too.

Pain on foot: Feet of the feet never fall in parallel to the shoe. The fingers of the fingers fall slightly on the ground. As a result the leaf swelling from pain in the fingers, there are many problems. Although there is not much of this problem at the platform hill, there are only high riders. However, it is difficult to protect the balance of the feet while platform heels are too high.

Influence in the brain: Due to the position of the foot, there is no barrier to blood circulation. It also affects the brain's hypothalamus. According to the doctors, it is not too diverse to have terrible headache.


Neurological problems: In the nerves of the feet, there is a disruption of blood vessels in the shoe. Negative pressure is also to work on knee extra work. So if such a practice is too much, it can lead to nervous problems. Even the foot may also cause paralysis.

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