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Breathing problem and its remedy

Breathing Problem Remedy

Various types of allergens, such as dust, smoke, flower molecules, toxic gas emitted in the factory, car fumes, special foods, medicines etc. allergies and asthma. Any healthy person can be allergic. Starting from a little symptom can lead to serious symptoms, and may suddenly attack in an acute form. Researchers in New York say that vehicles produce sneezing allergens on the streets. According to the California Institute of Technology, there are at least 20 allergens from various sources on the way to the plinth by stone plaques, eosters, etc. Describing the sidewalk dust, in such a way that these are a complex combination of soil absorbed substances, tire dust, tree leaf b- and other compounds. Path dust takes on the people of allergies / asthma strongly. Because they get acclimatized with highway through public transport vehicles, people, etc. According to them, 12 percent of the population creates airborne allergens with a breath.

According to the researchers, the closest dwellers of the highway have the highest risk of allergic and asthma related to the way dust and cough, hives, runin nose and diagnosed asthma in children living in the street of 100 meters. Asthma and allergies are undoubtedly a painful health problem, so allergy and asthma should not be overlooked. There are specific reasons for allergies. It is possible to avoid allergic reactions because of what causes and allergies in your diet. When allergenes are formed, the amount of emonoglobin-E increases in blood. As a result, the reaction rate of allergen antibodies is high and this reaction results in the amount of histamine emitted which causes allergic reactions. The total amount of dust, smoke, cars, toxic gases, factories made from factories, wet rain, winter fog, flower molecules, special meals such as shrimp, hilsa, boal, carrots, beef, duck eggs, ripe banana, pineapple, coconut, cosmetics And countless unknown-unknown things can cause cough, respiratory allergy, and asthma in our body.

•• Asthma :

Symptoms of respiratory and respiratory symptoms for a long time are asthma or asthma. Symptoms of sneezing, coughing, chest tightness, and breathing difficulties can be seen.

•• The cause of asthma:

Although it is due to herbal and environmental reasons, it is not possible to know clearly how these two producers create. However, due to inflammation, the airway is red, swollen, slender, and the speed of the irritant or stimulant is very sensitive, thus giving the symptoms of asthma. Due to the following types of different manufacturers (for example)

Symptoms of asthma are usually seen.

Infections, usually viral symptoms like Cold, Flu etc.

Allergens, especially dust, pollen grains, microbial parts of domestic animals etc.

Exercise or physical work, especially in winter.

Emotions, such as excitement, fear, anger

Eritente, mainly air pollution.

Smoking (self-restraint and other members of the family should avoid smoking).

Weather change.

Foods such as artificial color and some foods.

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