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Cancer can be easily identified

Cancer can be easily identified by simple observation 

Cancer means the name of a panic. The day is rising day by day. Due to timely treatment, the number of patients who have died from the disease has not been reduced. But it is very important to identify the disease at the initial stage. Let's know if the first signs of the 7 cancer-

1. Lung cancer:

In most cases lung cancer is detected only after spreading. Cough, pneumonia, difficulty breathing, blood and lymphs spread to the system. Lung cancer is not found in the early stages. Because there is no such symptoms. Even Chest X-ray is not even caught. It can be caught by PET or CT scan. Late lung cancer is less likely to survive in the end.

2. Brain cancer:

The tumor of the brain and spinal cord can be detected only when its symptoms are released. But most of these symptoms are so common that they do not give much importance to those who are infected. For example, trembling hands, engaging in speech, subtle changes in personality etc. Another symptom of brain cancer is the headache. Brain cancer is not usually diagnosed with MRI or CT scan of the brain.

3. Liver cancer:

At the very end, it is difficult to identify liver cancer due to its symptoms. If the tumor is small then it is not well understood. Because most of the liver is covered under ribs. Those who have alcohol or have liver cirrhosis, they have more risk of liver cancer. The number of patients suffering from cancer are increasing every day. So it is very important to be careful and get regular doctor advice.

4. Kidney cancer:

The symptoms of kidney cancer are low back pain, complete fatigue, loss of weight due to unnecessary weight and bleeding with urine. Kidney is said to be inside a lot of body, but it is not found in the normal physical examination. There is no test that can be done regularly for kidney cancer.

5. Ovarian Cancer:

Only about 3 percent of all cancer cases in women are cervical or ovarian cancer. But only 20 percent of the ovarian cancers are detected in the initial stage. It is difficult to identify mainly because of abdominal stomach and lack of any symptoms in the early stages. It is usually detected after the third or fourth stage.

6. Pancreatic cancer:

According to US statistics, only two percent of all cancer cases in the country are affected. But compared to breast cancer, people die. It is very difficult to detect pancreatic or pancreatic cancer. Because it is inside the body, it is not initially pain, and there is no such symptoms. In pancreatic cancer, symptoms can be similar to normal jaundice.

7. Sarcoma cancer:

Symbiosis of various body tissues such as fat, muscle, skin, deep bones, or cervical cancer. There are no symptoms in the initial stage. Usually this cancer is seen more often in children. Usually this can be detected by biopsy after the second or third stage of this cancer. But can not be identified by any other exam.

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