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change the habits to prevent kidney stones

How to prevent kidney stone by healthy habits 

Among the diseases which are present day by day, it is one of the major causes of kidney stones. In the last five years, this disease has increased very much. Unregulated life, irregularities, causes of various reasons. Not only this, people are not aware of these diseases. Most of the patients came to the last time to do the treatment. There is no way to go without surgery. There is less chance of being good.

Many people do not care about the problem of collecting the kidneys, but if you do not get treatment at the right time, this disease can become fatal. This stone is basically two types. 'Stone for common reasons' and 'stone caused by any other ill-treatment'. However, there are some rules that can be prevented, but this disease can be easily prevented. Let's know the rules:

1. Do not let go of indigestion:

Do not eat foods that can cause digestive problems. The digestive  noise has adverse effects on the kidneys. Barriers to waste disposal are increased and increases the likelihood of stone deposits.

2. Do not take the pen-killer:

Many people have the habit of taking frequent painkillers. One of the side effects of this drug is the problem of kidney disease. So change the habit of having frequent medicines.

3. Do not keep urine down:

Dhaka city does not have adequate public toilets. Although the boys stood beside the wall, the girls fell into depression. But one of the main causes of kidney disease is to keep the urine down. There are fears of urinary and genital infection.

4. Dysfunctional problems:

 In addition to the common stone, Oxlat Stone, uric acid stone, Stravite Stone is the case for girls. Due to these disadvantages, regular check-ups of disease prevention, use of medicines and food for food. To prevent strawight stones from urinary tract infections, treat the infection in accordance with the rules

5. Drinking water according to the needs of the body:

Kidney works to remove the body's waste and remove the harmful toxins (toxic substances) of the body. So it is difficult for the kidneys to do the job without taking the water according to the needs of the body. As a result, he increases the likelihood of depositing the waste.

6. Eat less salt:

 If there is excessive salt in the diet, especially raw eating habits, then change it today. Can not expel the kidneys to sodium in salt. So if sodium-rich food intake increases, kidney stones grow.

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