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Cold or hot which coffee is better???

Cancer, mental exhaustion, diabetes - want to avoid all of these? If so, you'll be able to help hot coffee. Such information has emerged in a new study.

There is a lot of bad ideas about hot coffee in the minds of people. Caffeine is in the coffee. So some people say that coffee should not be drink. Hot coffee on it, it's never The first problem is the heartburn. After that, there is a lot of big problems that are hidden in the beginning. Such as heart disease, blood pressure How much more And pregnant women should not eat hot coffee regularly or. The baby is harmed!

But by breaking these ideas researchers say 'no' Benefit More Hot Coffee

Not a cold coffee, Khan hot hot coffee. Hot coffee has many high-antioxidants from cold coffee. This antioxidant gives the body a lot of refreshment. Resistance

Researchers at the University of Thomas Jefferson of the United States did the research. They have seen that there is a lot of titratable  acid. Assistant professor Megan Fuller said this hot coffee is a great way to health. It contains lots of antioxidants.

But the level of acids in both Cold and Hot, Ph.D levels is the same. But there is a dispute between experts in the field.

The research paper has been published in Scientific Report.

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