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Daily foods charts for hair loss recovery

Everyday food charts will have to be watched for hair loss recovery :

In a previous report, I told you exactly what the reason for hair fall. Today this report is not only clear or shampoo hair loss does not decrease. Or the market is not going to reduce the head price of the most expensive products. You probably do not know many women due to malnutrition. He must bring some food awareness. But let's know today what they are?

Vitamin B: 

It increases hair density. Reduce hair fall. Helps to grow new hair Vitamin B can be kept in the list of daily foods. But you will get rid of the problem of hair fall. Eat green leafy vegetables, different kinds of grains, different types of pulses, bananas etc. Do not delay reading your beautiful hair, and eat these foods.

Vitamin A:

 Lose the moisture of the hair when there is a deficiency of Vitamin A in the body. The hair becomes dry and dry. So forget the diat chart and start eating fish oil, eggs, milk, fruits, sweets, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato etc. These foods contain Vitamin A with omega, fatty acids and various antioxidants which are very beneficial for the body. Especially for hair, eyes and skin.

Vitamin D: 

Vitamin D is very important to reduce hair loss especially for girls. Studies have shown that many women have a tendency to go through hair loss and they suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Sunlight helps in the production of Vitamin D on our skin. Also good source of Vitamin D, such as marine fish, fish oil, egg yolk etc.

Vitamin C: 

The hair was not white. But seeing that he got caught on the hair. Think of the color. If you do that, you do not know how big a mistake you are making unknowingly. So keep this diet without having to make this mistake, keep the food containing Vitamin C per day. For example, guava, Indian gooseberry, orange, averrhoa carambola.    This will eliminate the lack of Vitamin C in your body.

Vitamin E: 

Vitamin E deficiency is one of the reasons for excess hair fall. Many people start eating extra hair when they start eating Vitamin E tablet from the store and they start eating. But only Vitamin E will not eat tablets and eat vitamin E. Various types of nuts, especially amaranth, Malabar Nightshade,spinach, coriander, broccoli, almond oil, olive oil, papaya etc.


Anemia due to lack of iron. As a result, hair growth increased greatly. So, as a good source of iron, you will get relief from the hair fall, such as the seeds of dark grains, dark chocolate, muscular pulses, meat, eggs, nuts, dried fruits, red rice etc.

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 If there is a problem with the body's thyroid gland function, hair can fall. So there is a problem of hair loss and bald head of people suffering from 28% thyroid gland problem. So, eating this food with iodine will stay away from the problem of baldness. Foods are sea food, strawberries, cheese, yogurt, milk, shrimp, various marine fish, bananas, pineapples etc.

But yes, not just eating food. Meditate for at least 30 minutes a day. What is the relation between meditation and the relationship of hair again? One relationship The main cause of hair fall is stress. So meditation will bring back your hormone balance as soon as you reduce the stress level.

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