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Decrease calories without exercise 6 easy ways

How to decrease calories without exercise :

Every day we are eating delicious variety of delicious food. In our body, calories enter. If the calorie is not decayed properly, it is stored in the body. If we do not lose calories after eating it, it remains in our body and makes fat. Then we are quite in trouble with this extra fat. Deteriorating the calories by dieting and exercising is not always possible. As a result, excess weight has to be worn in trouble. That's why we should keep an eye on daily calorie receipts and focus on calorie depletion. Many people can not waste calories due to exercise or physical exercise. So today you have some easy ways to eradicate calories without exercising for you.

** Play with the kids:

Many people think that I have grown up now and it is not possible to entertain children with others like this. But it should not be done at all. Play with your own little brother or sister. It will have a little physical work on your This will also remove your emotional pressure and the kids will also be involved. Only 30 minutes of play can be able to decay up to 150 calories. Spend time with kids instead of regretting that you can not exercise.

** Hiking:

Occasionally it's time to leave for hiking. In the mountains, spend a lot of time in nature. You will also benefit from this work in two directions. Firstly, due to hiking, physical work will be done and only 30 minutes will be able to erode 267 calories. And secondly, mixing with nature can be free from all kinds of stress and work pressure, some of the time.

** Run the bicycle:

Take a little time to practice bicycling. Many people have recently moved to workplaces with bicycles. This work is a lot better. Because bicycling works better than any exercise, about calorie depletion. Just 30 minutes of bicycling runs down to 250 calories.

** Catch it:

In our childhood we have played many catch catches game. One will throw a ball and catch the other. Play the game or not. Throw the ball towards the wall and play catch-up game. 90 minutes of calories can be destroyed in 30 minutes.

** Football:

Play football. Football does not mean that you have to play 11 players with 11 players. Do not take a football or come in the open next door. Playing with just 30 minutes of football will ruin your 250 calories.


It sounds ridiculous to hear the word but it's a great job. Compared to any exercise, the dance is capable of losing too much calories. And there is good physical work done through dancing. Dancing is not what you need to pick up a dance currency like that. Take a few moments of music and take some time to dance. It will be 155 calories in just 30 minutes.

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