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Dentists infections may lead to heart attack

Dentists infection is a dangerous thing:

Many people are not aware of the teeth. Most people do not even know about side effects of dental disease. According to doctors, dental infections or pain should never be taken lightly. Because the research says - if the infection of the bacteria in the teeth is chronic, it can be triggered by stroke, heart attack, diabetes, or lung disease.


The intimate relationship between infection and diabetes is already proved. Diabetic patients are at risk of developing a dental infection, up to three percent more than a healthy person. And the opposite is also the opposite. In addition, diabetes patients become more at risk of heart attack if they are infected.

Increases the risk of stroke:

Dental infections or pariadentitis disease is complex and chronic, it undoubtedly increases the risk of stroke. Germany's Dentist Expert and researcher Christopher Darfar said in a very significant statement.

Lung may be affected:

The nervous germ of the tooth can infect the lungs through the breath. But it usually happens that those who are lying on the bed for longer periods of time. This could be especially if the hospital lying on the bed for a long time.

Problems with heart may be:

Dental infections or periodontitis and cardiovascular related to each other. The information came out from various surveys carried out in this regard, said expert Derrara, who said that the study was coming out.


Periodontitis or dental infections are chronic if the jaw bones are damaged and the tooth stops. Finally, the tooth is lost.

Genetic tract:

There are 700 types of microbes in the mouth, which are much more than other parts of the body. All these microbes enter through swelling and breathing. In addition to blood circulation, the germs can enter the mouth. That is, there are many ways to enter the germ of the teeth. So everyone needs to be cautious.

It is true that many people do not give much importance to dental problems. In many cases, many people take shelter of painkillers for relief. But if you already know about dental problems, then you can solve the problem at the beginning of the problem, think experts.

Dental care is very important as any part of the body. Therefore, in addition to regular care to preserve the tooth properly requires medical checkup. Besides, it is very risky to have a patient's eyes, ears, brain or heart-like organs in the tooth infections.

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