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Do not mix honey with hot water or milk

Do not mix with with hot water or milk

Honey is a wonderfully cultured material that has been used for thousands of years. Naturally, this sweet-rich substance has many benefits.

 It is unmatched in many things - cleaning the intestines, mitigating discomfort, removing skin problems and sinus symptoms.
From family to family we can learn how honey can help us to get rid of illness. It is young or old that everyone likes to be lavish. Many people use honey as a substitute for tea or milk with sugar.

But do you know, the combination of hot honey can bring terrible danger? Below are some of the things mentioned:

1. Hot water or milk:

We wake up in the morning and many of us are used to drinking honey in hot water. Many believe that the body is fresh in it and the poisonous substances are released from the body. The idea is absolutely wrong. If you have this habit of daily, you should stop it now.

Ayurvedic doctors and nutritionists think that what you drink in this way is actually poison.

2. Stay safe from poison:

It is better to know what you are drinking for everyday health benefits, whether it is toxic or poison. Many do not know that honey should never be hot or cooked. Ayurvedic scriptures never support it.

3. What does Ayurveda say?

According to Ayurvedic method, honey is beneficial when it is in natural condition. On the other hand, hot honey produces poisonous substances in the body. There are many problems with digestion process. The heated honey gradually merges into the body and once it becomes poisoned.

4. Honey should always be eaten in natural conditions:

This rule applies to honey from the supermarket because it is usually processed at extreme temperature. At the time it became a toxic element itself. Because it is widely processed and is mostly stored in plastic containers.

5. How should you eat?

Honey is undoubtedly a multi-beneficial element. But it should be eaten in the right rules. So, of course, it must be included in your diet. The best way to do this is to collect it from its source and eat raw. If you want to drink a glass of milk with honey before you go to sleep, make sure the glass of milk is completely cold. If it is completely cold, then only mix one teaspoon of honey with it.

6. The chemical must be omitted:

There is considerable scientific reason why honey temperatures can not be increased. When you heat the ingredients in sugar, it produces chemicals of 5-hydroxymythylophurfural or HMF, which can cause cancer.

7. Why not hot:

The normal temperature of honey is less than 140 degrees, which is much lower than your milk glass. When you add honey to hot milk, its contents become poisonous, which is dangerous for health.

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