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do not these five tasks after facial

After facial you do not these five tasks

You've never ever tried to get great bright and soft glowing skin. But after the facial you did not get soft and glowing skin? If that happens, but do not blame facial.

If you do anything after facial, but the effect of facial effects can not be understood properly, but there can be many problems in the skin.

Let's know, 5 things that you never forgot after you have facial.

1. Do not makeup:

Facilitated, and immediately made up the makeup but do not do it at all. While facial,the face of your face is open. And the various harmful chemicals in the makeup enter the body through the holes of the lymph. And as a result, there may be many problems in your body. So please fancy 4 or 5 days before marriage or party, so that you can make a make-up for sure.

2. Do not waxing or threading:

Do not forget from waxing or threading after facial. Usually, after waxing or threading, there is a lot of pain, and after facial, the pain will increase, without it the rash too many times.

3. Do not wash your face:

At least 4 hours after facial, but do not water your face. Because the quality of the facial product is completely washed before you reach your body completely.

4. Do not face chemical products:

You know, at least 36 hours after facial, but do not apply any fashions or cream on the face.

5. Do not scrubbing:

Do not use scraps for 3 days after facial . Because after facial facial lymphoma can be opened, after that, if you scrub, then face pain can be reversed.

Then I did not see what to do after the facial. At this time, please fiddle several days before the marriage party or party. And after facial, do not play the twelve of your skin, but get the brightness of lost skin again.

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