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Do you know the benefits of lemon's peel???

Lemon's peel is very useful thing :

100gm of lemon peel contain about 134mg of calcium,160 mg of potassium,129 mg of vitamin C, 11mg of fiber which are very essential for our bone and teeths. It's increase the health of bone and teeth.

•  How to use lemon's peel:

Best way to use lemon peel ,leave it in freezer until they freeze .then grated them and use your tea,salad and as well such things.can use at the time of making cakes(by grated) which lighten the bitterness of over chocolatey manner,can make a paste and apply it on your faces or can use at the time of scrabbling your lips adding some sugar and 1 drop of coconut oil, can use instead of dish washer (only when the lime juice is already used) or in your nails where dirt inside the corner is very helpful to clean-up

*** Benefits of lemon's peel:

1. Disease prevention improves:

According to some case studies, after entering the body of diabetic fiber and Vitamin C, found in lemons, such a game shows that the immune system of the body becomes very strong. Only a small and big disease can not be close to it. So, Is forced.

2. Kidney stone diseases are far away:

Studies have shown that, starting to eat lemon peel regularly, the level of citric acid begins to rise in the body. By the way, there is absolutely no possibility of having a stone in the kidneys. So do not forget to eat regular lemon peel if you do not want to wear such a disease.

3. Reduce the incidence of infection like the disease:

Only some of the games entering the diabetic fiber in lemon cask shows that it does not take time to reduce the incidence of constipation. As such, problems like ulcer and acid reflux also decrease. That is why they have to endure the difficulties in the morning leaving their dose. There is no other way than to include lemon husks, we have to say it!

4. Improve health of mouth cavity:

In the absence of vitamin C, the incidence of mouth-related multiple diseases increases, so experts advise to eat regular lemon peel. Because it contains a special role in reducing blood circulation, gingivitis, and other diseases including vitamin C and citric acid.

5. Blood flow improved throughout the body:

Eating lemon peel only begins to have some changes in the body that blood circulation begins to grow throughout the body. As the oxygen-rich blood reaches every corner of the body, it does not take time to increase the body's overall performance. Small and big diseases run away.

6. Body weight came under control:

Due to the abundance of ingredients called pectin, lemon peels regularly play the weight loss process, because this material helps in blowing excess fat in the body.

7. Increases the power of the heart:

A substance called polyphenyl in the lemon peel reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. On the other hand, lemon potassium controls the blood pressure. On the other hand, the chances of a heart attack being naturally reduced. Therefore, those who have cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease history, include lemon juice in daily diet. See the benefits.

8. Liver power increases:

Several studies have found that, when the regular lemon starts to eat peel, the amount of antioxidant in the body increases so much that the toxic elements inside the liver begin to emerge. The effect of this important body on the body does not take time to increase.

9. The bones became strong:

Gradually, bone health begins to improve when starting to eat lemon peel due to the abundance of vitamin C and calcium. With this, the risk of diseases like Inflammatory Polyarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis decreases.

10. Skin beauty increases:

In more than one case study, the antioxidant inside the lemon coconut extends out the toxic material that is deposited in the skin. The naturally, the skin starts decreasing. The skin goes down as well, and the skin becomes tired. That is why it is a 30-year quota The doctors are advised to eat lemon juice every day.

11.Improves digestion capacity:

Any food rich in fiber plays a special role in improving the digestibility of the digestive system.

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