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Fruit eating is an empty stomach in the morning - why eat and what eat?

We all know that it is not good to eat fruit in the empty stomach in the morning. The fruit will be filled with filled stomach, just a few snacks. Have you been following that rule? Well, know that the job was a mistake. For the benefit of eating fruits after breakfast, you will get more benefits than that if you eat the fruit in an empty stomach every day. Especially interested in knowing the weight, it works great for them. But yes, not all fruits will be eaten.

What to eat and how to eat?

Never eat empty stomach in the morning of the fruit of the fruit. Because it's a problem with Acid. Fruits that have to be eaten in the morning, which have high levels of fiber. You can choose some of the fruits available in the morning. For example, bananas, apples, ripe papaya, sweet melons, dried fruits like raisin-figs etc. and various types of berry fruits. Do not eat any fruit in the morning.

If you want to eat fruit in the morning, there are two methods. First of all you can start the day by mixing honey with one class light hot water. Instead of water, a cup of milk can also be run in milk with honey. After 10 minutes of drinking this drink you can eat your favorite fruit. Another way to make your favorite breakfast is by fruits. Like fruits and vegetables you can combine with milk and cornflakes. Or you can create pancakes with the fruit of choice. Or milk can be made from fruits with a variety of milkshakes. Carbohydrate can eat breakfast in the morning by eating fruits and protein. Such an egg boiled, a banana and a glass of milk can be a great breakfast for you.

Why Useful?

If you start with the fruit in the morning, your body can get the most nutrients from the fruit. Dietxification is very good in the body when it is found to be fruitful, and in the morning, the body gets the necessary antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. Your digestive power starts doing excellent work while playing high fiber rich fruits. Moreover, this high-fiber rich foods keep your stomach filled and avoid frequent frequent hunger. It is extremely helpful to reduce weight.

If you want to eat fruit in a filled stomach, you will eat at least one / half hour after breakfast. Otherwise, it may be difficult to digest digestion.

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