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Excellent functioning shrimp to remove 10 physical problems

Benefits of shrimp:

Although shrimp is not a fish, a worm, we still recognize it as a shrimp. Those who do not like to eat fish, they also eat shrimps very fun. All the choices made by shrimp are many choices.

But do you know? Not only the taste, the shrimp has immense harmony. Shrimp fish eating habit can be released from almost 10 types of physical problems. And also releases fatal diseases. But those who have allergy to shrimp flies stay away from it.

1) Prevention of cancer:

About 57% of the shrimp fish contain selenium. Only 100 grams of shrimp is possible to get selenium a lot. According to researchers at the Institute for Food Research, this selenium binds to the formation of cancer cells in the body. The combination of broccoli, patakpi, and cauliflower sulphorphine with this shrimps selenium increases the resistance.

2. Removal of anemia:

Shrimps remove our body's Vitamin B12 demand by about 25%. And the body's blood helps to increase hemoglobin levels, that is, red blood cells in the blood. This eliminates blood loss.

3) Spend physical weaknesses:

Many people suffer from physical weakness at various times, behind which the iron deficiency of the body is responsible. Shrimp fishes fill 17% of our body's iron needs and energy supply. This caused physical vulnerability.

4) Resists bone loss:

About 14% phosphorus is present in shrimp fish. The habit of eating shrimp fish fills the needs of the body, which prevents bone loss and works particularly well to strengthen the bones.

5) Helps reduce fat:

The first and foremost reason for our fatigue is fat deposits in the body. Shrimp fish contain about 13% of niacin, which changes fat, carbohydrate and protein into energy and binds fat to the body.

6) Avoid sadness:

There are only about 100 grams of shrimps, about 347 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids. According to researchers, this omega 3 fatty acid produces satetenin in the brain, which is particularly helpful in removing depression.

7) Protects against snowflake problems:

Studies have shown that zinc can protect us against diarrhea and infections. Even protects against the effects of motocytic cancer. Shrimp fishes are available in 100 grams of 10-15 milligram zinc, which ensure the recovery of our kidneys.

8) Remove the problem of thyroid:

About 10% of shrimp increases the performance of our thyroid gland and helps to keep the thyroid hormone levels better.

9) Protects against diabetes:

There are 8% magnesium in shrimp. Studies show that magnesium protects the body from type 2 diabetes. And help keep blood sugar levels in control.

10) Protects skin, hair and nails:

Shrimps fulfill the demand of protein for about 42% of our body. Which works to protect our skin, hair and nails. And the protection of skin, hair and nails is not possible without the product of this expensive band, if this protein is not met.

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