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Eye care in winter

How to care eye in winter :

Our whole body is covered in the winter but the eyes remain open. And so there are many types of problems encountered on the eyes of the eye. Moreover, if we can not detect it, but our skin is finding out that the cold has come. And while looking at all the parts of your body during the winter, but do not look so much in the eye. Because many of us do not understand how coldly silently the eyesight of our eyes is doing very harm. Because at that time the dust and dry air are in the book. That makes the eyes dry. Due to changes in the weather, the moisture and oily decrease of the eyes decreases. Which is extremely harmful for eyes. The lack of moisture is responsible for the burning of burns.

According to experts, due to this, eye care should be done separately in winter. Because there can be many problems due to the cold in winter. Sometimes there may be problems with lung infection, such as chills, coughs, fever, and sometimes major infections of skin or eyes due to infection.

Many people have dandruff in winter. For that, the eyelids should be cleaned regularly. Use eye-catching lotion or cream. The dandruff problem is very serious, and do not neglect, take the help of the doctor.

Omega three fatty acids in the diet: eat fish oil in the winter. Omega three fatty acids in it helps to keep the tears of dry eyes from dry eyes.

Stay hydrated:

 Fluid khana has more to spend in dry eyes in winter. As well as eating hot soup as well as drinking water, the body will remain warm and the eyes will not be dry.


Use sunglasses when winter goes out. If the cold wind gives, then definitely wear sunglasses. Choose sunglasses that cover the side of the eye, the outer side.

Use eye drops:

 Use regular eye drops if there are frequent dry eyes. But of course, the advice of the doctor.

In addition to this, experts have given some suggestions to keep eyes better. Do not always look gloomy, but occasionally let the eyes fall. The eyes are clear and slippery. Keep your house warm for this.

Wake up in the morning, wake up 20 times in the eyes and give cold water to the cold. And let's cool down and light hot water before going to sleep at night. Different kinds of vegetables and fruits are available in winter. Which is good for eyes. You can eat plenty of these monsoon fruits and vegetables in eye care.

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